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Hiking in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea is a hectic and frenzied place, but it’s a great experience.  The city is surrounded by mountains and taking a trip on the subway for a day hike in one of the beautiful surrounding hills is a favourite pastime of Koreans young and old (mostly older).

The temples in the mountains are a highlight of any hiking trip.  Japan invaded the country in the 16th Century and set about trying to kill all of the Buddhist monks, so they had to move high up in the mountains for protection.

Buddhist monks still live in these temples today. On this day I remember specifically hearing them practicing their drumming.

Don’t think you’ll find much peace and quiet when you’re hiking though.  If you head out on the weekends (when most people actually have enough time to go hiking) you will find the trail head swarmed with excited hikers ready to head up the mountain for a bottle of wine and a picnic.

And they’re off! It’s a mad dash for the summit of Gwanaksan on a beautiful day in Seoul, 2009.

If you have a chance to travel to Korea, make sure you head out to the mountains for some fresh air and exercise.

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