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Argyle Adventures, Inveraray, Scotland

Argyle Adventures was voted #1 Attraction in Inveraray, Scotland, by TripAdvisor.  It’s easy to see why.  First off, Inveraray is kind of a quiet town by the sea.  Argyle Adventures on the other hand, is an awesome outdoor adventure company.  It has Paintball, rock wall climbing, and horse back riding.

The horses are calm and well trained, and the trail guides are fun and professional.  I had a great time on my Scenic Trek tour.  My goal is to go back the next time and qualify for the Fast Ride through the trees and water.  It will fulfill my lifelong dream of being a city-slicker who rides a horse and thinks he’s a cowboy.  Yee-haw!

My first time on a horse. What a great time and a beautiful view.

When you’re in Inveraray, Scotland, make sure you ride a horse at Argyle Adventures.

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