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Walk The Alexandra Bridge To Gatineau, Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa was founded in 1826 and named the capital of Canada in 1857 by Queen Victoria.  Gatineau, right across the Ottawa River from it, was founded in 1800.  In 1900, construction of the Alexandra Bridge was completed by the Canadian Pacific Railway providing a convenient connection between the two cities.

One of the greatest advantages of the bridge is its pedestrian/bicycle lane on the outside of the structure.  Everyday 3300 pedestrians and cyclists use this lane to cross from one side of the Ottawa River to the other.

One of the neatest experiences you can have in Canada is visiting Ottawa and then crossing by foot to Gatineau.  In less than twenty minutes you will transport yourself not only from one province to another, but you will cross from one culture into another.  Ottawa is predominantly an English speaking city, whereas more than 78% of the residents in Gatineau speak French.  You will notice the change immediately once you cross over.  If you’re not fluently bilingual in French and English, it is a humbling experience.

Standing on the observation deck of the Alexandria Bridge, you can get an excellent panoramic view of both Ottawa and Gatineau, including Parliament Hill and the locks of the Rideau Canal.

When you’re in Ottawa, make sure you take advantage of the Alexandria Bridge and walk to Gatineau.

4 comments on “Walk The Alexandra Bridge To Gatineau, Ottawa, Canada

  1. adventurewithmk
    August 13, 2012

    I know what you mean when you say it’s a “humbling experience”! I was in Montreal recently, and since I can’t read or speak any French, I felt completely illiterate/ignorant. I bypassed Ottawa, but this post makes me wish I’d stopped there!

    • bucketdave
      August 14, 2012

      MK, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. hariqhuang
    August 20, 2012

    Your posts make me really really really want to visit Canada! A friend told me that If I got the chance to do it, I should go in Autumn. he said I would not want to miss the red maple leaves falling. (He knows I am a hopelessly silly, romantic person :D)

    • bucketdave
      August 20, 2012

      That’s a great suggestion. If you want to see the maple leaves, then I would suggest Quebec City, or Cape Breton Island (in Nova Scotia). Here’s to being a hopelessly, silly romantic person!

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