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Dongdaemun Market, Seoul, South Korea

Comprised of 26 malls, 30,000 shops, and 50,000 manufacturers, Dongdaemun Market in Seoul, South Korea, is the largest single market in Asia.  It is a massive shopping mega-district that encompasses 10 city blocks and operates nearly 24 hours a day.

Everything you could possibly imagine is on sale here, from silks, to fabrics to shoes and food.  I’ve seen entire sections of the market devoted to the sale of buttons, and there is more than one umbrella shop.  At night the area becomes a bargain hunter’s dream, as the market wholesalers open for business.

At Dongdaemun, the fruit comes to you!

Dongdaemun Market gets its name from the massive stone gate that was once part of the city’s great fortress wall.  The name means “Gate of Rising Benevolence.” It was originally built in 1398, and after many renovation and rebuilds, still stands today as a link to the great history of Korea.

Old meets new in Seoul.

When you’re in Seoul, South Korea, make sure you check out Dongdaemun Market.

5 comments on “Dongdaemun Market, Seoul, South Korea

  1. adventurewithmk
    August 13, 2012

    Sounds fun – and the fruit cart looks awesome!

  2. hariqhuang
    August 26, 2012

    Is this one of the Famous Eight Gates of Seoul? It looks like Namdaemun, which I saw on the news when it was on fire a few years ago.

    • bucketdave
      August 26, 2012

      Yes, it is! It’s not Namdaemun (they were rebuilding that when I was in Korea). It’s the actual Dongdaemun (Great East Gate).

  3. rommel
    September 6, 2012

    10 city blocks, whoa! You never have to run out of something you need when you live nearby.
    I needed some buttons for my current hobby. I had to find exactly what I wanted, and it took me awhile to do so.
    That temple, though small and in-ornamented, still looks cool.

    • bucketdave
      September 7, 2012

      Actually, it’s bigger than most of the temples I saw in the mountains. It’s not a temple though, per se. It’s actually one of the old gates from the city wall.

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