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Highland Getaway, Ullapool, Scotland

Located way up in the north western part of Scotland, Ullapool takes a bit of driving to reach but it’s worth the journey.  During the summer it’s a bustling tourist hot spot, but if you go during late spring you’ll have the entire town to yourself.

The town is located in a wonderfully remote and rugged part of Scotland, and is the perfect place from whence to head out on a Highlands walking adventure.  As a bonus, the nearby Knockan Crag offers a unique chance to touch scientific history (and 500 Million years of geology) with your bare hands.

This is the same port (I’m not sure about the pier) from whence the Hector departed, carrying Scottish refugees to Nova Scotia, Canada.

My favourite thing to do in Ullapool though, is have a classic Scottish Breakfast at The Frigate Cafe as I look out across Shore Street at the boats on the stunning Loch Broom.  For those of you who have never had a Scottish breakfast platter, imagine a plate the size of a pizza pan filled up with toast, fried tomatoes, sausage, eggs, and much much more!  It’s enough to fill you up for an entire day of hiking in the Highlands with no need to refuel again until supper.  With tea or orange juice, it’s a must!

The water was a little low, but it didn’t make the stroll down Shore Street to visit the shops any less enjoyable.

With its stunning views, incredible hikes, and welcoming atmosphere,  this town is a winner.  When you’re in Scotland, make sure you drive up to Ullapool.

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