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NovaScotian Crystal, Halifax, Canada

It may seem like an odd fact, but Halifax, Nova Scotia, is home to the only crystal maker in all of Canada.  It’s true!  In 1996, a group of Irish crystal makers came to Halifax and opened up NovaScotian Crystal, bringing this beautiful art form to Canada.

What makes NovaScotian Crystal so special, apart from being the only crystal maker in Canada, is that rather than automating the process like so many of its peers, this independent business insists on making every piece by hand (or perhaps I should say “by mouth”).

Handmade, mouth-blown crystal, being formed live. It’s a show, and everyone is welcome to watch.

The reason I included NovaScotian Crystal on my blog is because there are regular live demonstrations for the public.  The side of the shop opens up, and anyone is allowed to watch these artisans making their beautiful pieces of art.  It’s definitely a unique experience that you won’t soon forget.

For that reason, when you’re in Halifax, make sure you take a visit to NovaScotian Crystal on the Halifax Waterfront.

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