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Montreal Bicycle Tour, Montreal, Canada

A UNESCO City of Design, Montreal seamlessly blends the old with the new.  If you try to drive a car though, you’ll never find parking.  If you walk, you’ll be killed by the drivers trying to find parking.  Consequently, the best way to see Montreal is to take a professionally guided bicycle tour.

Strolling or cycling or boating along the Lachine Canal is a “must do” experience.

Montreal is one of the most bicycle friendly cities I’ve seen in all of Canada (and I’ve been to many cities).  While I wouldn’t try to explore it by bicycle on my own the first time – I’d likely get lost – taking part in a tour run by the hostel at which I was staying was definitely a good choice.

This is what I like to see: two lanes for bicycles, one lane for cars.

The above image shows perfectly what makes Montreal so great.  Where else can you find a street with two lanes for bicycles, but only one lane for cars?  Seriously, if you know tell me.  I will go there next!

What’s better than a bicycle lane? A bicycle bridge!

After crossing from Montreal Island, to Ile-Notre Dame, we took a ride on the home of the Montreal F1 Grand Prix – Circuit Gilles Villineuve.  Perhaps the epitome of awesome, Circuit Gilles Villineuve is accessible to the public.  If you want to drive your car on it, you have to pay, and you’re limited to 30 km/hr.  However, if you ride a bicycle it’s free, and there’s no speed limit!

I’m preparing to slip-stream down the back straight.

For $20 you could rent an awful Bixi Bicycle for a minute (perhaps a slight exaggeration).  Or you could rent a bicycle for the day and have a great time.  When you’re in Montreal, I suggest you rent a bicycle and take a tour.

3 comments on “Montreal Bicycle Tour, Montreal, Canada

  1. maitchd
    August 16, 2012

    I’m from Montreal and didn’t know they had bicycle tours! Good to know actually 🙂

    • bucketdave
      August 17, 2012

      It often takes a guest to teach you about your own home. I learned that when I was traveling in Korea. Thanks for posting.

      • maitchd
        August 17, 2012

        Crazy how that works huh?

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