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Guest Dream: Helping The Impoverished, Cuba

Today’s Guest Dream comes from Kim Bremner.  Kim is a Realtor with EXIT Reality, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Her mission in life is to “pay it forward.”  Please take a minute to read her profile and visit her website.  She submitted a beautiful contribution to Dream Big, Live Large, and I have decided to post it below, in her words:

“One of my favourite places I have travelled is Cuba. Originally it was the beautiful landscape and beaches combined with the non-industrializations that I appreciated the most; however, I realize now why I would want to go back more than ever. On my last trip to Cuba we took a tour in the back lands where I really got to see how the majority of the people truly live.

“I had not seen true poverty until that day. The families lived in shacks, were hungry, and the children had no food, no toys or education. I witnessed a lot of suffering. Education is free in Cuba but when these children live so far into the woods with no food or transportation how are they to get to school? We brought a few toys and treats for the children that we stopped briefly to give them through the jeep window. The looks of joy and appreciation in these children’s eyes cannot be described. These people really have nothing. I had no idea what I was going to experience or see on this tour and I feel that I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to have been. After the tour I spoke with the tour guide about my experience. We made arrangements with him that on our next trip we can contact him and he will personally bring us to visit these families.

“To prepare for my next trip to Cuba I will be packing up many of the toys my children don’t play with anymore (and there are a lot), many clothes that my family doesn’t wear anymore or need, as well as a suitcase filled with canned goods. I will be personally visiting these families and bringing them these goods. I want to meet these families and spend the day with them and have my boys play with these children. That will be rewarding for me to help these families the best that I can and it will also be a great lesson for me to teach my children to truly appreciate what we do have. It was a heart breaking experience to see how these families and children live and I am going to contribute the best I can.

“Cuba is a beautiful country filled with breathtaking landscape and serene beaches. The people are extremely friendly and they show love and appreciation to everyone around them. There is a lot to do and experience. There are a lot of people there who are great entertainers and very gifted with talent. Many are educated to the fullest. However another community exists, located in the woodlands of Cuba. This is where the extreme poverty exists and this is where I am going visit again and give them what I can.”

Thank you Kim.  Make sure you visit the people of the Woodlands when you are in Cuba, and make sure you check out the “How To Contribute” page to find out how you can share your amazing experience with the world.

One comment on “Guest Dream: Helping The Impoverished, Cuba

  1. oneanna65
    August 14, 2012

    Keep dreaming !!! It is great!!!

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