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Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, United States of America

In 1896, Baron Pierre de Coubertain saw the completion of his dreams when the first Modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece.  100 years later the Olympic Games were held in Atlanta, Georgia, and to honour the significance of the games a large park was built in downtown Atlanta.

Pierre de Coubertain was largely responsible for the recreation of the Olympic Games. It’s only fitting that the Olympic Park in Atlanta should have a statue in his honour.

The park is 21 acres and is one of the great legacies of those games.  Before the 1996 Summer Olympics the area was home to a number of abandoned lots and run down industrial buildings, so I would say that it has been an improvement.  Furthermore, since its creation both the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and the World of Coco-Cola have opened, giving a significant economic boost to the area.

Most of Atlanta seemed to be trying to cool off this day.

During the summer there are music festivals and  concerts, but my favourite thing to do is just walk through the park eating a Googie Burger.  Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the people of Atlanta are probably the friendliest people from a big city I’ve met in all of my world travels.  It shouldn’t be too hard for you to strike up a conversation if you bring your smile.

Best cheap burgers and fries and soft drink you’re likely to find in Atlanta. Did I mention it was cheap?

When you’re in Atlanta take a walk through the Centennial Olympic Park and make a new friend.

2 comments on “Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, United States of America

  1. philvb
    August 27, 2012

    Sad thing about this place, is that I remember where I was at, watching the Olympics (on TV), and learning about the bombing.

    • bucketdave
      August 29, 2012

      Me too Phil. That’s what I was thinking when I was walking through it. It was surreal to think I was standing in the pace I heard about on the news so many years ago.

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