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Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia

Located at the North End of the Olympic Centennial Park, Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium… in the world (inside joke for Jeremy Clarkson fans).  It contains more than 8.5 Million US gallons (32, 000 Litres) of water and 120,000 animals!

Male Whale Shark at Georgia Aquarium. I had my own photo, but this one was much better, so I stole it from the Wikipedia Commons.

The Aquarium is also unique in that it is the only aquarium outside of Asia to house a whale shark (it has four).  The massive animal was transported at a cost of $120,000 (donated by UPS) via a combination of huge transport planes, trucks and boats to Atlanta.  They swim in a special 6.3 Gallon (24,000 Litre) tank along with manta rays and hammerhead sharks, but more importantly they were rescued from Taiwan’s then whale shark kill quota (which has since been abolished).

You may still never have seen an elephant fly, but when you go to the Georgia Aquarium at least you can say you’ve pet a shark.

My favourite experience by far though, was definitely petting a bonnethead shark.  It’s just a little shark, but it’s a shark none-the-less, and it’s harder than it looks.  Sharks are very sensitive to the pulses your body gives off, and if you’re too excited they won’t come near you.  In order to pet a shark, you have to pretend not to care until it comes over and lets you touch it (like playing “hard to get”).

You’d look funny too if you had to live in a fish tank all the time…

When you’re in Atlanta, be sure you make time to stop by the incredible Georgia Aquarium.

11 comments on “Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia

  1. philvb
    August 27, 2012

    I love aquariums! We were back in Boston two years ago to visit family during vacation, and we got to visit the New England Aquarium. What a treat! Our son Ethan loved it!

    • bucketdave
      August 28, 2012

      Me too Phil. I always make it a point to visit the aquarium no matter where I go. I have a few more left for future posts. I’m glad you’re passing on the tradition and joy to your son.

  2. hariqhuang
    August 28, 2012

    They let you pet the shark? How cool was that?!
    The last aquarium I went to, which was in Malaysia, let the visitors touch some Starfish… (I suddenly feel so lame ha ha ha ha ha)
    We do not have an Aquarium-Park here. In order to see one without leaving the country, I have to take a two-hour-flight to Jakarta.

    • bucketdave
      August 29, 2012

      It was very very cool Hari. It’s not the rules that determine whether you can pet the shark though, it’s the sharks. Ha ha!

      • hariqhuang
        August 29, 2012

        That’s true ha ha ha In the end, it’s totally up to the animals! 😀
        I’ve been to a Crocodile Park where the visitors can put their hands inside a crocodile’s mouth without being bitten. I guess that’s almost as cool as touching a shark.

      • bucketdave
        August 29, 2012

        No, that’s easily just as cool. I’m impressed. We’ll call it a tie.

  3. rommel
    August 28, 2012

    I’m all for California and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The biggest in the world is something, something though. I’m very well intrigued. Those number digits are kicking MBA’s something, something. Hehe 😀

    • bucketdave
      August 29, 2012

      I’m sure Monterey Bay Aquarium is cool too. What’s a Million Gallons here or there? As far as I see it, and time you can get up close and personal and see marine life it’s a victory!

  4. mylifewithbpd
    August 31, 2012

    I cannot wait until the day I can go and visit. I tried so hard to arrange for a longer connection next week in Atlanta while flying through, but didn’t happen, someday I am making a trip just to see the aquarium.

    • bucketdave
      September 2, 2012

      That’s a good idea. While you’re at it, check out the Coca-Cola World right across from the Aquarium and give me an e-mail. I couldn’t check it out, so I’d like to know what it’s like.

      • mylifewithbpd
        September 2, 2012

        Will do for sure. Coca Cola stuff I like as well, and sounds like a good idea to check it out. Thanks.

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