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Kim Bremner

Kim’s genuine personality and interest in building life long relationships, coupled with her enthusiasm and real estate skills and knowledge allows her the ability to go above and beyond client expectations to ensure that she achieves the best interests of her clients.

Kim has always dreamed of a rewarding career where she could truly help people and have a positive impact on those she helps. Throughout her journey, Kim has received an Honours Degree in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, Canada), worked extensively in Business Management and accounting, as well as customer service. She eventually sought out an opportunity in which she could closely work with people in a much more positive way. Kim chose a career in Real Estate which has fulfilled her dreams and she sincerely appreciates the life long relationships she develops with the people she helps.

Kim was born and raised in Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada, but has lived in Halifax Regional Municipality for the past 15 years which she now calls home. She is also the proud mother of two boys and passionately enjoys being a “hockey mom.” She enjoys camping, singing, and most of all spending time with her family and friends.

Kim’s mission in life is to pay it forward anyway she can. Everyday she works on her dreams in life and although she helps people each and everyday in small ways, she will one day have the financial means to make a huge difference. She plans to contribute time and money for Habitat for Humanity. She also will help families who are less fortunate financially and teach them how to empower themselves so that they can live to their full potential and pay it forward for others.

To learn more about Kim, please visit Kim’s Website

Kim’s Guest Posts include:

Helping Cuba’s Impoverished

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