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Nick Zwaagstra

Nick Zwaagstra, MC:AT, RCAT, CCC, RCT, is the director of the Chebucto Art Therapy and Counselling Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and past president of the Canadian Art Therapy Association.  He has over 15 years of experience in counselling and Art Therapy, and his experience includes: Metal health and wellness, HIV & AIDs support, bereavement, trauma, stress mitigation, play therapy and more.

Nick works with all ages and offers dyadic and group work too.  He has successfully facilitated numerous workshops and training sessions in Canada and internationally.  Nick is also a person with many interests including: Art, drama, music, gardening, biking, and travelling multicultural pursuits.

To learn more about Nick, please visit his website.

Nick’s Guest Posts Include:

Zwaagstra Route

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